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"Zoom Enchanted Evenings"

This song is made by Mike Weiss, for People's Zoom Readers Theater.

Zoom Enchanted Evenings

Zoom Enchanted Evenings

Filled with Reader’s Theater

Watching it on Zoom

In your own secluded space

And somehow you’ll know

You’ll know at a glance

This form of theater

didn’t happen by chance

Zoom Enchanted Evenings

Is what we strive and try for

diverse players read from

many different rooms

We come together in hopes

that what we do in our show

will touch your mind and heart

and help you to grow

Who can deny it?

Zoom has many quirks

Fools wouldn’t try it

but Zoom Reader’s Theater works.

- Mike Weiss

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1 Comment

YG Liu
YG Liu
Dec 09, 2020

Love it 🎤!

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